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Now a Kentucky Piece

I’ve lived in the Bluegrass state for more than 20 years but have never necessarily felt like it was part of me (or I was part of it).  Yes, I vote and I love my little town, but I sure … Continue reading

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Ten Long Months

It’s been about 10 months since I’ve last spent time on this blog.  I’ve been experiencing a serious woodworking lapse since I finished the fireplace.  It’s not for lack of trying, and there have been a few small projects.  None … Continue reading

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Ambry on Stand Final

Ambry on Stand St. Catherine of Siena Church Fort Thomas KY Maple, Cherry and Black Walnut.  Shellac and wax finish Donor: Anonymous I installed the piece last Tuesday when all involved had a small window of opportunity.  Fr. Stef was … Continue reading

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Ambry on Stand – Part 4 Assembly time

Previously on Ambry on Stand, I finished the marquetry panels on the side.  So smooth sailing, right?  Wrong. Somewhere along the way, the side panels were out of square and I didn’t know it.  I dutifully did a dry fit … Continue reading

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Ambry on Stand – Part 3 (Marquetry)

Catching up again as always.  It’s always easier to make progress on the project than to write about it. The marquetry should be the fun part of this project.  I sort of changed my plan after some testing and realized … Continue reading

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No I didn’t fall off the earth

No, I didn’t fall off the face of the earth. But I did fall off my roof in June. It was a week after the SAPFM Mid-Year Conference at Old Sturbridge Village in MASS. I really intended to do a … Continue reading

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No angels singing here

No I haven’t forgotten to write.  No I didn’t quit the project.  Christmas came.  Then some travel.  And I was making little bits of progress but nothing I was ready to show.  I got to the point of the project … Continue reading

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