I like to call myself a period furniture maker.  I cringe a little when I say that because I don’t do this fulltime – I count myself lucky if I make three pieces a year.  I guess you would call me a hobbyist, but that seems wrong too.  It’s an avocation and a passion.  I’m on a journey where I’m creating and learning.  It beats the hell out of chasing around a little white ball.

In my real life, the one where I make money, I’m a theatre consultant.  “What is that?”, you say?  We consult to owners and architects that are building or remodeling theatres, stages or places of worship.  We are interested in the relationship of audience and performer.  That means we design the audience seating space, the stage, rigging systems, lighting and control systems.  Visit http://www.bcaworld.com for more detail on what we do.

What else interests me?  I have a family and house that I love dearly and they keep me busy.  OK, the house might be love/hate.  I like baseball, craft beer and really tall rollercoasters.  But not all at the same time.


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