Fireplace Complete!

As always I intended to put up some process shots as I went but again I just never got around to sitting down at the computer.  Maybe its because I spend so much time in front of a computer.  Maybe it’s because at some points a marquetry panel is not very photogenic!


Overall View


Panel Detail

A few shots are below showing the process of building up the marquetry panel.  It started with a nice piece of rotary cut bird’s eye maple plywood I picked up.


Routed groove for banding


Banding laid in before scraping off glue


Sketched out branches


Branches laid out


Sawing out lots and lots of leaves (not only am I raking the damned things, I’m cutting them out too!)


More flippin’ leaves


Gotta make Sweetgum balls too.  These are three layers, with the top layer made like a fan so they “radiate” from the center.


The first leaves (which is roughly what the tree looks like outside…)


Cutting in more leaves.  Lots of glue and cleanup still to do.


The panel before adding stems to the leaves, veining, and cleanup.

Finish is Super Blond Shellac and wax.

This was a fun project.  Started at the beginning of July and finished by my deadline (Thanksgiving – barely…).  We even had a fire on Turkey Day and it was just, pleasant.

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