Phase One of Fireplace

Phase One is complete and there will be a hiatus before I can get to the marquetry at the top of the panel.  Lots of other priorities, including 1) vacation, 2) work, 3) prep for an upcoming presentation for Cincinnati Woodworking Club with a working title of”Dovetails: put away that router”, and 4) building Tevye’s house as a centerpiece for an upcoming HHS SRO benefit – theme of “Fiddler on the Roof”.  Not necessarily in that order.


This looks so much more finished to me after looking at that awful brick monstrosity for so many years.

The wood is all poplar, painted of course.  The upper panel is temped in and has no finish yet; I will remove it to do the marquetry later.  The LEDs are from Lee Valley, with a dimmer.  I’m not crazy about the glare directly below the LEDs and may need to see if I can take some of the gloss off.  The really bizarre part was the lower brick section wasn’t wide enough for this concept to work, so I “extended” brick by a course on either side with wood, covered it with Durham’s Rock Hard Water Putty (this stuff is amazing), formed up some mortar lines and it blends right in.  I’m a theatre guy so a little fakery is OK…If they can’t see it from the first row…..

The design is my own.  I used my design training with a refresher from George Walker and Jim Tolpin’s excellent books from Lost Art Press.  I stayed away from the computer, using pencil, dividers and a drafting table to come up with the proportions and layout.  I’m not displeased.  It was never going to be really fancy – I wanted it to be a little casual – the marquetry panel will (I hope) give it just the right touch.

I think Maryanne’s clock has a much better home now.

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