Ambry on Stand Final


Ambry on Stand

St. Catherine of Siena Church

Fort Thomas KY

Maple, Cherry and Black Walnut.  Shellac and wax finish

Donor: Anonymous


I installed the piece last Tuesday when all involved had a small window of opportunity.  Fr. Stef was there and seemed pleased and was a big help unloading and installing.  My patron was very happy too, though it wasn’t the first time he/she saw it.  Had a bit of a scare with the stand but it turns out the terrazzo isn’t completely level (whew!).  We were in such a hurry I ran out of time to take a photo of the interior.  The interior door is below, during finishing:


All in all this was an interesting and rewarding project.  It was a long road and a lot of fun too.  I was able to exercise my design muscles a little bit.  Here’s where we started last November, though in reality this project started many months before, developing the concept.


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