Ambry on Stand – Part 4 Assembly time


Previously on Ambry on Stand, I finished the marquetry panels on the side.  So smooth sailing, right?  Wrong.

Somewhere along the way, the side panels were out of square and I didn’t know it.  I dutifully did a dry fit up and I didn’t notice it.  In fact I didn’t notice it until I’d done the glue up of top/bottom/sides and I tried to install the back.  That’s when I realized it wouldn’t pull square no matter what I did.  I measured and checked and could not find the problem.  Stupid.  Finally I realized that the one thing I thought was dead square, wasn’t. And there was no hiding that mistake.


So after ripping it apart carefully I trued up the sides, rebuilt the top and bottom frames and got on with assembly.  That was a waste of many hours I won’t get back.  So, do as Norm says.  Measure twice, cut once.  I would make an excuse but I don’t have one.  Stupid.

But I recovered.  So I have that.

Here’s the top/bottom and sides assembled and the back now in place.  You can see my inner frames aren’t quite as nice as before, but they will be plenty strong.


And here I’ve installed the inner panels.  I used small thin pieces of wood as “spring spreaders” to push the inner panels into place and glue them in.  It works really well in places where it’s impossible to reach a clamp inside a cabinet.


Apparently I forgot to shoot a picture of the attaching the face frame and the also the top/bottom trim.  Sometimes I get going and forget to snap a picture.  Ditto making the inner door panel marquetry.

So this weekend I was able to do a lot of assembly; hang doors and install the lock.  Things are looking up.


View from the left quarter.  The light is temporarily installed.  The cherry top and bottom will look better (darker and richer) after some light exposure.  I’ll accelerate that when the time comes.  I got clever and thought it would be fun if the grape leaves extend beyond and above the moulding; now I’m not so sure.  It looks like a mistake maybe.


View of the inner panel door.  There will be two shelves and the idea is the bottom vessel will sit on the circle inlay. Walnut lettering on a light birds eye maple, a simple banding and cross-banded maple.

SC: Sacred Chrism

OI: Oil of the Sick

OC: Oil of the Catechumens

The rest of the weekend was spent milling walnut to make the base.  I have six bent laminations to make.  With any luck – knock wood – major construction could be done as early as next weekend.


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3 Responses to Ambry on Stand – Part 4 Assembly time

  1. Gil Sanow -- the old man says:

    Those out-of-square panels was probably due to the incompetent help you had while gluing them up!

  2. Len Phelps says:

    Looks like a great project. Nice job. Uncle Len

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