Ambry on Stand Part Deux

The holidays are over and the new year has begun.  Very little progress over the holidays, much to my dismay, but things have picked back up again.  My self-imposed deadline of Easter looks near impossible, so I think May will be the best I can do.  What can I say?

This is mostly a catch up post.  I’m further along than this, into the marquetry portion of the project, but I’ll write about that in a few days.  Some of that hasn’t gone so well but I think we are now on track finally. Let’s just say we are on Plan B for marquetry.

When last we left the project, the carcass was fit out with sides and a top.  Next was to build the back and innards.  The back is a simple frame and panel with a bird’s eye veneer panel. Some time was spent aligning the center stile with the center divider that is not actually on center (on purpose!)


Once the back was in place, I could move on to fitting the interior panels.


This will eventually just glue into place.  The center panel is veneered on both sides with nice clear maple, then the interior sides and bottom/top lock it into place.  The center panel is let into a dado in the back panel and a dado added to the center front divider.


Here the front boards are all fit in.  Not shown is that the top and bottom of this are all mortise and tenoned into the sides.  It would have been simple(r) to just plan to nail and glue but I really want this whole thing to be well joined up and durable.  When I got to this point I felt pretty good.


Also not shown is the panel hiding the lighting kit transformer.  In the middle of the narrow section is a false back panel held on with rare earth magnets; push in the bottom and it pops out to access the electronics once the back is glued in place.  Not exactly hidden but we’ll call it concealed.  The LED down light is mounted in the top of the narrow section and I placed an inlaid circle of walnut stringing to mark where the bottom oil vessel will sit.  The two shelves will be thick glass which I need to have made.  I think the lighting effect should look nice; the LED looks pretty nice down on dimmer and pick up the color of the maple (even raw).

Finally I built the door.  Again, mortise and tenon construction with a bird’s eye maple show panel.  Glass will be in the other side, set into a rabbet.  I inlaid some heavy stringing of XP (Chi Rho) which is similar to the symbol on the existing ambry.  With some finish the stringing should pop nicely


That was as far as I could take the cabinet, as the next step is to do the marquetry on the side panels.  That’s where I’ll pick this up in the next days.  This will be where the fun really begins….

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