No I didn’t fall off the earth

No, I didn’t fall off the face of the earth. But I did fall off my roof in June.

It was a week after the SAPFM Mid-Year Conference at Old Sturbridge Village in MASS. I really intended to do a recap of that event and talk about who I saw and what I learned. But it was a nice day and I was being productive. It seemed like a good idea at the time, right up until I realized that the roof was still a little wet and maybe I shouldn’t be…..wham down I went. I tried valiantly to stop myself, doing some damage to the gutter on the way down. Not nearly as bad as the damage to 5 ribs and one kidney though. That laid me up for a while.

Once I started feeling better I decided I should get back to the project I started on the second floor of the house, remodeling the hallway and guest bedroom. The more I uncovered in this nearly 90 year old house revealed more problems. The project is nearly done with the exception of one closet that needs insulation and drywall and paint but that’s stalled waiting for a roof replacement – necessitated by the leak I found in said closet.  And we wait for some carpet.  Then we can call it done.

So, now that I’ve bored you with my medical mishaps and house remodeling woes, I come to the furniture related question.  I need a project.  I don’t know if it’s big or small.  Ihave a few tools that need refurbished but that doesn’t inspire me.  We aren’t hurting for furniture and the one project I really want to do I can’t start until I can measure a piece I want to copy.  So I need something to do or else I’ll go looking for a roof to climb – maybe Christmas lights would look nice along the eaves.  I have a few ideas but none have lit the spark:

1) I could build the Anarchist’s Tool Chest but I’m just not sure I’m going to be a toolchest guy.

2) I’ve long thought a fun project would be a Federal Knife Box – though you really almost need to make two.  Or maybe a tea caddy.  Aside from some hardware either would be almost no cost.  But Maryanne will complain it’s more stuff to dust.  Either would keep me busy for a while.

3) I’m a little interested in making a Chippendale Looking Glass (aka wall mirror).  It might be a bit much though and I’m not sure where we would put it.  But they are pretty classy.

4) I do sort of need to replace a bookcase.  I was interested in the Jefferson book case that Schwarz did a few years ago in Pop Wood.  Basically a series of dovetailed boxes stacked up on a plinth.  Looks pretty simple and surely practical.  There’s some expense here in wood but not horrendous.  It would be nice to replace the piece of Ikea crap that I have in my office right now.

5) I do need to make some picture frames and those will be the next thing I knock out, but those are hardly fine work unless I decide to do something fancy.  Not really that kind of project though.

6) There are long term projects but I’m not really inspired to do them yet: a chest of drawers or two for my wife and I’ve wanted to do our dining room but that’s a multi-year project that will require a lot of wood that I can’t afford (see roof, above).

So I look for inspiration.  But at least there’s baseball for a little while longer.  I think I’m rooting for the Royals – they look destined to win it all.

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One Response to No I didn’t fall off the earth

  1. Maryanne Zeleznik says:

    No more roof climbing! I prefer the dusting to roof climbing!

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