Clock Reveal

140215 Tall Case Clock_1Well, here it is.  I ordered the works more than a year ago and started about three months later.  Slower than I would like but I’m pretty pleased.  Now to move that cold air return…

140215 Tall Case Clock_5A few thanks are in order to people that provided direct assistance or inspiration:

Bob Compton, Dan Reahard, Donna Hill, Don Williams, Don McConnell, Matt Bickford, Mary May, George Walker, Mike Siemsen, Rob Millard, Andrew Rappaport and all the other members of SAPFM that have been helpful as I’ve worked through the details.

Steve Miller; thanks for the tool assist

Scott Johnson for the dial painting.  I think we are even now.

Mom and Dad

Tammy who came down to see what I was up to, and will eventually be saddled with this really tall piece of furniture.  I hope she buys a house with tall ceilings and doesn’t develop a taste for disposable Scandinavian furniture.

Maryanne who puts up with the sawdust and plane shavings that inexplicably are tracked into the house, my frustration when things go poorly and doesn’t complain too much when I disappear into the shop for hours.

And of course Grandpa Leonard, who encouraged me to build this in the first place.  I’ll never match your clock output for sure.  I’ll have to be happy with this one.

Some shop projects and then a simple project I think.

140215 Tall Case Clock_2              140215 Tall Case Clock_4              140215 Tall Case Clock_3

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