A small distraction

Since it’s “that time of year” I ended up making a small gift.  Our street has a Christmas party every year and there’s a “Yankee gift exchange” at the end of the evening.  Somehow a few years ago I found myself making our contribution.  In past years I’ve made Shaker Oval Boxes and other similar things.  I have to say the guy down the street each year does a topical figurine that is most coveted (I’m betting on something involving “twerking” but we’ll see.).

This year I was inspired to do something a little different.  It’s sort of a mash-up of two styles.  Imagine the illegitimate love child of a Shaker tray and a Pennsylvania Spice Box.  It might look a little something like this:


Ok, it’s a little strange and there’s probably no historical context for it.  But I think it sort of works.  Walnut veneer over a ply core, maple bent laminated rim.  Holly and Bubinga line and berry.  Finish is blonde shellac topped with polyurethane (sorry Don) for durability.  And some wax.

I think I’m well over the minimum $20 gift, but who knows

On the clock project I’ve been experimenting with shellac finishes.  I’m learning a bit and finding some success.  More when I have a plan.  If I don’t get back sooner, have a Merry Christmas.


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