The light at the end of the tunnel

Well as they say it might be a train….

Clock Overall

Quickly getting to the point of starting to do some finishing work. Major construction is complete, with just a little cleanup to do before I can start finishing for real.  Doors, hinges and locks are all fit.  I think glue work is complete.

Obviously not much hardware shown to the left.

Since I last posted I made the waist door: a pine core with a layer birch then the mahogany veneer or bandings.  The overlapping moulding is a bit tricky to work around the hinges but it worked well.  I had to replace the lockset I had planned to work out the keyhole location – another $25 or so from Ball and Ball.  I also added some holly stringing to the bonnet door frame; that was easier than I expected.

So the next steps are to play around with some finishes.  I’m going to start by experimenting with the techniques Don Williams talked about at WIA just a few weeks ago, using shellac and then wax.  I contemplated using the polissoir technique with some wax to finish it up (Google “Don Williams polissoir”) but I fear that may be more work than I can handle on such a large piece.  Something to try on a smaller piece to see how it goes another time.  I’ve ordered a few colors of buttonlac shellac and I have my bottle of 190 Proof grain alcohol.  I’ll make up some test pieces and experiment a bit.  “Don’t experiment on your project”, right?  I’m also going to do some testing with a wash of Potassium Dichromate to see how that does changing the color of the wood to even out the mahogany which came from different sources.  I’ll post some pictures.

In other news I heard from Scott my clock dial painter and he swears he’s going to work on it Wednesday.  I’m really looking forward to what he comes up with.  I found some old glass at a local shop and they cut it for me to the right shape.

And there’s the matter of a little Christmas project I need to get done – I probably need to decide what it looks like.  Dec 13 for that.

Not sure I’ll make it by the end of 2013 – it turns out work is picking up at my day job – but it’s getting close.

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