No, I’m not putting on veneer right now.  I’m resurfacing with a new post.  Yes, sort of lame but that’s all I’ve got right now.

Usual excuses.  Business travel, family stuff and all the other things that get in the way of being an avocational furniture maker.

One good distraction was Woodworking in America over in Covington.  Being so close there was no excuse not to go.  While there I saw many friends from SAPFM and from other past classes, clubs and events.  I went to the Lost Art Press Roubo book release party, directly from the airport as I was coming home.  I went to several sessions, some better than the others.  Peter Ross was great.  Peter Follansbee was a lot of fun; I don’t plan on making his sort of work but it’s always a joy to hear him speak.  The highlight was Don Williams, especially Sunday morning where he had standing room only (some standing on chairs to see).  He talked for several hours on period finishing techniques – things that will come in handy very soon I think on this project.  I learned I need to buy more Everclear 190 proof for my shellac finishes (available here in KY).  Good times.


The clock trudges forward and I’m starting to think it could be done before I have to change calendars.  Maybe.  If I get lucky.  Stars align, win the lottery, etc…

The waist is now together.  The waist, base and back have been joined together.  I have fixed the oops noted in my last post.  Mouldings for the transitions at the waist are made and just need to be mitered and glued in.  As before the mouldings were struck with hollows and rounds.  I actually planned on doing part of the large coves using the table saw to rough them down but I got into the plough plane and it went pretty well.

The quarter columns are made but not yet installed.   A few process shots below:




And finally the assembled major casework is complete.  You can see the glueblocks all along the inside which is how these things would usually be made.   It will look a lot better with the transition mouldings at the top and bottom of the waist.  I did a little scraping and general clean up before assembling; hopefully I will not have to do as much of that drudge work before finishing.


Until next time….

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