Hindsight being 20/20




More good progress on the clock case ended with the discovery that I made an error at the very beginning for which I will now need to make amends.  Had I built it the way I drew it, I would have been golden, but noooo…, I made an adjustment early on because I couldn’t find a reason why not.  Now I know why.  More on that later.


The waist section is made mostly of flat pieces that are then connected with glue blocks.  There’s a face frame that is put together with mortise and tenons.  The biggest thing to figure out is how to make the space for the quarter columns work out.


In the lower picture at left you can see a long piece of pine attached to the face frame to fill in and build out the recess for the columns. It’s attached with hot hide glue the spring clamps are there just for a few minutes while I make sure everything is in place.  Probably unnecessary because I made the joint by “rubbing” the piece in place, but it was sort of long, thus the clamps.  Rubbing a joint is pretty cool: just cover both surfaces with hot hide glue then rub the piece being glued a little until the glue starts to grab, then make sure it’s in place.  It works very well.  Actually for a lot of the glue blocks I just apply a liberal amount to one half of the joint and that works fine.


At left is the waist assembled.  I chickened out here and used liquid hide glue.  I may regret that actually because the hot stuff seems to hold better and it surely does it quickly enough that I can handle the pieces sooner.  While handling this I had one joint open that I had to re-glue.  I was probably rushing a bit.

DSC_2093So above is the current progress.  You can’t pick out the problem but I saw it and sat there contemplating the problem for about 45 minutes before dinner.  At it sits the bonnet is overhanging the sides of the waist by a little more than 2 inches, but closer to 1-1/2″ along the front of the waist.  Since there’s a moulding at that transition, the overhang needs to be the same.  It took me a while to realize I narrowed the lower frame along the front because I couldn’t figure out why it was so wide and I thought what I was doing would make more sense with the bonnet columns.  FAIL!  Looks like in the coming days I’ll cut off the lower moulding, graft on a piece and the remake and apply the moulding to cover it.  That should work and be fairly subtle.  This thing is pretty tall: the ceiling in that part of the basement is not quite 8 feet to the underside of the slab above, So I can’t put the finials on (but it will fit in the house).

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