A Good Day

This weekend was a great chance to get into the shop and do some work.  After getting the weekend chores done I was able to spend much of Sunday in the shop making and fitting mouldings.  My only failure was to take process shots, though everything is pretty straightforward.

Since my last post I’ve spent a lot of time making the sort of barber pole bandings on the edges and fitting them.  Making the banding was pretty simple: walnut and holly.  I plowed a rebate into the corners, cutting through the veneer and into the substrate and then glued them in place.  It was a bit of a mess using the hot hide glue but it worked pretty well.  Then there was a lot of scraping to get below the hide glue from hammering and setting the corner bandings.

I made four mouldings if you count the work on the bracket feet.  The feet caused me the most trouble.  I thought I had picked a piece of straight-grained wood for the bracket feet but it must have had some interlocking grain or something because I had a beast of a time roughing it down and then using the hollows & rounds to shape it.  A lot of time with the scrapers to clean it up and I ended up going to the sandpaper in the end.  Oh well.

Anyway here’s a few shot front and back and bottom to show the construction.  The base is now basically complete so I can start to think about the waist section and then the waist door.

It’s starting to come together.

DSC_2083It needs a little glue clean up.  You’ll note that there are a lot of glue blocks holding this thing together.  The bracket feet are simply glued on and glue blocks add to the surface area.  If you look at original case furniture of the time you will see I spent far more time cleaning it up than was done in the day.  Also note the space for the back panel (which is glued up and set aside for now, hopefully staying flat!


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