Never enough time

I swear I make more excuses for not working on this project than a race car driver.  A family vacation, work and a dead work PC have not helped matters.  My wife and daughter let me have some quiet time on Father’s Day to do some work which was much appreciated.  I didn’t spend all day on it, but it was some good quality time.

Actually there was some benefit to a break.  Normally I spend a lot of time thinking through steps on a project – I didn’t on my trip out west.  No idea why, but it just left my head.  So when I returned I had to go visit the pieces to see where I’d left things and what needed to be done.  The first thing that I realized was the thumbnail profile on the door seemed too small and ill-defined.  I decided to enlarge it.


It was a simple matter of regrinding my scraper iron with a larger radius, deepening the shoulder and then recreating the profile.  Then I veneered the front and back with a cross-banded design.  Later I’ll add some narrow decorative banding around the perimeter.  I think a diagonal or rope motif.

Here’s the near finished door.  A little scraping is in order but it’s in good enough shape for now.

DSC_1360I added some glue blocks (hot hide glue is a wonderful thing) around the back side to stabilize the assembly.  I think next up it’s time to make the lower and cornice mouldings.  I’m a little concerned about the gap around the top of the door but I have a strategy to solve that.

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One Response to Never enough time

  1. Lynn M. Collins says:

    I like the way you handled the grain of the wood in the various parts of the door.

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