A Start

I got going on this project and already I’ve fallen behind on posts.  I guess building is more fun than writing about it.

Sometime in the past week I was able to get started on actual construction with actual wood.  Exciting.  A few shots:

DSC_1108Marking up the lumber and planning how to get the most out of the planks

DSC_1112The lower hood frame with mortises for the hood sides.

DSC_1111Starting the tenons on the base of the hood sides.


Fitting the hood sides into the base frame


Cutting the rebate and making the groove for the dial mat.


Shaping the blocking for the hood cornice.  The moulding will be done later.  It needs to be blocked out so the columns align and for the thickness of the door.

DSC_1151Assembling the blocking to make the shape of the hood top.

DSC_1152Test fitting the top blocking and framing to the hood.  I didn’t take a picture of making the dial mat (the part the covers the edges of the metal dial) – that was some precision joinery in 1/4″ stock.  It’s starting to look like something now.  There’s lots more to do but I’m making progress.  Next up the cover over the top and cutting in the openings to the see the movement on the sides of the hood.  Then the door.

I should add a note about how I’m doing this.  I guess I’ve been prattling on a bit about hand tools etc…  So the other day I was running the jointer and planer thicknessing boards, dust collector screaming and me wearing hearing protection.  My wife stops me and says “I thought you weren’t using power tools for this project!” As much as I would like to tackle this project and do the whole thing without a power tool that’s a bit more ambitious than I think I can handle.  All the stock I’m using is a fat 4/4 rough stock (better than one inch and unsurfaced). I’m doing rough cutting, resawing, and cutting boards to shape with power tools.  The joinery and I hope all of the moulding and inlay work will be by hand.   If I had to resaw and plane down 4/4 stock down to 3/8-inch thickness I would never be done.  I’m a 21st Century guy for goodness sake and that’s a lot of work.  My apprentices have tails and power switches.  They are noisy but generally compliant.

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  1. Larry says:

    Thanks for sharing.

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