Almost time to make shavings

For the past few nights I’ve been preparing construction drawings.  That’s where I take the  drawings I’ve done so far and try to work through how to build it.  I’ve been lucky to find three drawings of these clocks in my research, some more detailed than others.  I also have looked at drawings of two clocks available to SAPFM members on the site.  Finally I have looked at a Gene Landon article in FWW – one of the deans of period furniture – though his clock was of a different style the construction details are still very useful.
Tall Case Clock 2013_Page_3

One of the many detail drawings.

Once again I’ve been delayed by other things.  Last weekend was the Ohio River Valley Chapter of the SAPFM meeting.  It was nearby in Milford.  It was good to see lots of people I know and talk about furniture.  I had an opportunity to talk to a guy who had built  some similar stuff and he had some great advice.

Fingers crossed that I can get started on this over the weekend.

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