Final(ish) Design

In between travel and other personal life I think I have a design.  Most of my hardware is here and incorporated.  Now on to construction drawings.  Boring stuff but I want to work out the sections through a few spots to make sure I understand how it goes together.

I have my plans for the clock face figured out.  My local screen printer has bailed on me so I’m planning on a dry transfer.  It should look a lot like painted when complete.  I meet next week with my friend Scott that is going to do the custom painting for me.

I messed up the hands though.  In the course of fitting the hour hand – which needed a much larger hole than I first realized – I broke it.   I was grinding out the shape with my Dremel and was quite close to having the size right when the hand broke.  Between that and losing part of the second hand assembly that’s not gone well.  Waiting for replacements.  Sometimes you win…

So here’s the near final design. Subject to change at my whim…

Pages from 130331 Clock Concept Final

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One Response to Final(ish) Design

  1. Tom Myers says:


    Since this will be your first prototype, and I’m sure you will want to make a second clock to get it “just right” for your own home, I thought I’d mention that It is just a couple of inches too tall. (Just in case you are looking for someone to whom to give the prototype . . . I know your folks already have an heirloom clock that your grandfather built.) My ceilings are just 7′ 10″.

    Seriously, your design looks beautiful.

    Tom Myers

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