Clock as Colorform

Remember Colorforms? Those were the boards and clingy sort of stickers that you could rearrange as much as you like to get a picture you like. Well, since I don’t quite know what this clock will look like my drawings are going to be a bit like those Colorforms. I’ll work out a proportion I like and then develop several versions of each element (like feet, base, door, fretwork). This seems to be the best way to sketch it up and quickly see what I like.

You can sort of imagine a cabinetmaker and client sitting with Chippendale’s Director (book of renderings) and saying – I like this, but with this part from this other piece. As I’ve been looking at lots of examples it seems likely that a custom piece was done this way – different stylistic cues combined just so to create a finished piece.

It’s taken a while to get to this point, but I think I’m nearly able to finalize a design.  Home projects have kept me from really giving this the attention I would like.

130319 Clock Pick a featureI’ve said this before, but when you only get to make one it’s easy to fret about choosing the “right” design.  I think this would be easier if I thought I had several of these in my future – a chance to play around with the design.  I’ll have a few days to chew on this.  After I set the design I can start working out construction details.  Most of the hardware is here which is good.

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