Put on a happy face

Well this is progress.  Since I didn’t buy my dial ready to go I have to come up with the design and arrange for the artwork.  I’m hoping to generate camera-ready art so that I can have the basic design screen printed onto the plate.  Then I’ll have the corners and moon dial done by hand.  Here’s the first real draft of the black & white part.

130224 Clock Face RenderingIf my measurements are right this should work out well.

Next more case design.  And hardware – but that will have to wait until the next credit card cycle I think!

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2 Responses to Put on a happy face

  1. Gil Sanow -- the old man says:

    I know what ‘tempus fugit’ means — what is your inscription in English?

  2. psanow says:

    Google Translate….
    Getting a confirmation soon from a priest with a better knowledge of Latin than I.

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