An exciting day

After a bit of waiting the movement arrived via UPS on Friday.  Three boxes to contain it all.  No box could have contained my excitement though.  I’ve been looking forward to this project for so long and passing this milestone feels like I’m really going to make it happen.  It might take a while – months I think since I can’t focus on it as I would like – but I’m planning to enjoy it thoroughly.

DSC_0736So after inventory I built a temporary test stand for the assembly and put together the movement.  I don’t have the hands yet – I wanted to order those later and size them just right.  I’m also waiting for one part for the pendulum bob, so it’s unlikely to keep very good time while I test it.  I had it assembled and running in about an hour or so.

DSC_0741I took a bunch of critical measurements and spent some time observing the operation.  I think it’s just fascinating to watch.  If you watch it run you can see how each pinion and gear makes the thing work – absolutely ingenious if you ask me.  At first I thought I was missing some components to make the moon dial and calendar ring run but as I spent more time I figured out how they will work and feel comfortable it’s good to go..

So armed with those measurements it’s off to the drawing board (aka computer) for some quality drawing time – as soon as I can.

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One Response to An exciting day

  1. maryanne Zeleznik says:

    I can attest, it is ticking…and he is excited!

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