I’m not much of a New Year’s resolution kind of guy. OK, It would be nice to drop a few pounds in the coming year and I’m going to try – But I’m not going to publicly set a goal for the world to see me miss. Instead I have made a few woodworking resolutions.  These are things that I think I could actually accomplish.

  1. Make a Tall Case Clock.  I’ve started by researching already – this is one I’ve hoped to do for sometime.  Last year I would have said I would finish it before the contest meeting of the Cincinnati Woodworking Club but that’s pretty unlikely I think.  The cost in movement and hardware (and other materials) alone will make beginning of May tough.  Maybe I’ll surprise myself.
  2. Learn how to carve.  I’ve made some initial steps on this too.  I’ve registered for a class with Mary May ( and my wife Maryanne bought me a few of the gouges I need for Christmas.  I’ll fill in the other ones soon and try to get them tuned up for the class.  I’ve not actually ever taken a multi-day, out-of-town class in any woodworking subject, so it will be an interesting experience at Kelly Mehler’s ( school in April.
  3. Not really a woodworking thing but I would like to do a little dressing up of my shop.  I’m thinking a little painting and maybe even some trim.  I don’t think I can add a window – that would be outstanding though – but I can make it a nicer place to be.  I think I’ve abandoned the idea I’ve had of a separate shop from the house.  The floor I added in 2011 was a huge improvement and doing some painting, etc…would be the next step.

Happy New Year everyone!  Make something.

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