I’m not dead yet

As expected I’ve not had a lot of time to do much work and I’m looking at a pile of “house projects” that really need my attention.  I have a pretty long list, even though the house is basically ready for winter.

The last two weekends have been pretty devoted to woodworking though.  Two weeks ago was Woodworking in America which just happened to be over in Covington.  I saw a bunch of people I know and met a few others.  Mary May and Paul Schurch were the highlights for sessions.  Don Williams again just blew my mind – this time period finishing techniques.  Ended up having my box lunch on Saturday with Roy Underhill from PBS which was kind of fun.  We mostly talked about Blue Man Group.  There was marshmallow thing at the dinner Friday night which I won’t try to explain.

The next weekend was a meeting of the local SAPFM chapter at Rio Grande University.  I took the table and got a bunch of nice comments.  I met a couple of people I hadn’t before there too.  The topic was primarily hand planes and how to use them.  It’s a good group of people really passionate about period work.

I’m starting to research the next project as well as some mini-projects to work up to it.  I expect there’s a picture frame or two (hollow & round planes – no router) and I need to get together some Christmas gifts too.   Never a dull moment.

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