I want to get some better pictures, but the bottom line is it’s finished.

And some detail shots:


I don’t know how many hours I have in this and I suppose it doesn’t matter.  Looking back in the blog I started some time after July 17th.  Looking at my calendar it probably wasn’t until at least July 25 so call it 3 months of work.  It feels like it took a long time to build but once I consider all the travel and 1.5 vacations in that time I guess I did pretty well.

So, call it: Baltimore Inspired Federal Card Table  Mahogany with poplar secondary wood.   Hardware is from Horton Brasses.

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3 Responses to Finito

  1. Lynn M. Collins says:

    I have a cat with what they call “mitten” feet who would love to get up there and sleep on it if you put it by a window. Again, probably, what are the caps (black) on the feet made of?
    Great work. LMCollins

  2. Hope says:

    It is a beautiful work of craftsmanship. Most impressive.

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