Spent the last few nights making bandings.  Basically you slice up veneer and other thin woods and make shapes.  Then you rip off a thin piece and glue in place.  Limited only by your imagination as they say.

Walnut and holly.  Note the thin layer of walnut sandwiched inside the holly sections.  This proves I sawed up ridiculously small pieces of wood and glued them together.

The banding press used for gluing up.  This section of banding is just under 25″ long

Here’s where I get silly.  There are some woodworkers that spend all their time tuning their hand planes and enjoying their gossamer shavings.  I’m not to into that but I do get a kick out of the shavings from truing up banding stock.  How can you not?  In the background is the banding I plan to apply to the table edge.  The banding in the vise will be along the bottom edge of the apron and probably be used at the top of the leg cuffs.  These pieces have enough material to make several pieces of furniture so they will probably be floating around my shop when the time comes for my daughter to call 1-800-GOT-JUNK.

I learned how to do this primarily from reading and a video by Steve Latta.  It involves using a planer, table saw, packing tape and Elmer’s Glue-All.  This is one of those things that makes me wonder how the old masters did it 200 years ago.  They were far more talented than I will ever hope to be.

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One Response to Bandings

  1. LMCollins says:

    This is too fancy. I still haven’t got to a powderhorn. Go to and check out “Crazy Canadian Woodworker.” He makes bowels with frontwheel drive. From now on I never want to hear you don’t have the “power” or the “size.” I am waiting to see your mother’s “BIG” new salad bowl.


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