Finally some time to work

The end of July was just nuts with business travel, so I had zero time to make progress on the table.  In fact until a few days ago the stock sat in the shop just as it had in the middle of July when I headed out.  It was good to get back into the shop and make some actual progress (and a fair amount of chips, shavings and dust).

Things have progressed rapidly.  In fact I was going so quickly I forgot to take process photos.  At this point the basic structure is complete but not glued up.  I won’t glue anything until all the inlay work is done.  I did veneer all the show pieces of the apron.  I was able to resaw the same stock that’s being used for the top so the character of the wood should be uniform throughout the piece.

Some details:

  • The legs are solid mahogany and are now tapered.  The rear fly legs are mortised and fit to the apron.  The front legs will screw to the apron.  I was surprised that is the way these were done – I used to turn up my nose at fasteners in my projects – but it’s legitimate.
  • The apron is a combination of mahogany and poplar.  Poplar is the secondary wood- common and standard to use a stable but less expensive wood where it doesn’t show.  The round corners of the apron are laminated to avoid short grain in any one direction.  It’s like 18th century plywood.  All the pieces are veneered using mahogany I sliced up in the shop and applied with hot hide glue.
  • The rear apron is dovetailed into the sides, using half-blind dovetails.
  • The fly rail is essentially a wooden hinge with a brass rod as the pin.  Sort of fussy but enjoyable work.

I intended to take a photo last night, but it looked so awful with straight (untapered) legs I just couldn’t bring myself to posting a picture.  Making the leg tapers radically changed the appearance and feel of the piece.  Now I don’t cringe so much.

Next step: shape the top and make the attachment.  More screws!  And I need to review how to make the bandings.

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