Crazy wide boards

Nothing like 19″-wide straight, clear, mahogany.  I’ve never had the opportunity to work with boards like this.  The guy that sold it to me thought he had had it for 30 years.  My guess it’s been down since before anyone considered “sustainable forestry practice”.  I struggle with this and generally buy lumber with an eye toward how it’s harvested.  On the other hand, this tree is down and it would be wasteful not to use it.

I really wanted the table tops to be single pieces, just like the originals were.  It may not be quite as stable.  We all make choices right?  I can also use some of the remainder to make veneer for the aprons, etc…

This will sit for a week or more to acclimate to the shop. Plus I’m jammed up with work, so that will encourage me to patient before I start into it with a saw.

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