Along with my actual day job and putting the yard and house back together after the recent weather, I’ve been thinking about what my card table will look like.  Not the form so much as how it will be decorated.  That’s what these tables are about- embellishment.  It’s tough to decide how far to go with it because it’s easy to go overboard.  To some eyes these are probably all overboard.  To me I think it’s important to find the right balance of embellishment and clean lines.  Because I’m designing this on my own – I’m not copying one piece but marrying elements from many pieces into a single table – finding harmony is important.  That’s what I’m obsessing about right now.

Today is Independence Day.  The Federal or American Neo Classical  Style is often associated with furniture shortly after the Revolution.  Patriotic imagery was not uncommon- eagles with star spangled shields and the like (along with fans, thistles, shells and some potted plant things I don’t quite understand).  Here’s an image I found in a Skinner auction catalog that really appeals to me.  It was on a Kentucky piece and it’s not one I’ve ever seen.  That Kentucky connection seemed sort of interesting.

Imagery of the eagle with liberty cap on a liberty pole is telling us a story.  I didn’t know about the Phrygian Cap (or I’d forgotten) and it’s significance.  It shows up in many state seals as well as that of the US Army and the US Senate.   Read more at: if you trust Wikipedia.

I really want to use the image but I haven’t quite figured what goes around it.  That might be a reason to scrap it.  I think there will be a different eagle – though it might be in the center of the apron with something simpler like thistles or shells at the tops of legs.  My dad doesn’t think it looks like an eagle – maybe he’s right.

Here’s where we are so far:

I’m an AutoCAD geek and can’t help it.

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